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#419 Cand open(decompile)SWF file
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Hello there. I am tired to open main.swf* file Decompiler tells me : "Cannot load swf file". So, about file: Him hardly obfuscated and possible (RC4)-ARC4 crypted. Please help me to find solution. *File attached Kind regards.
Downloadmain.swf (3,148 KiB)
This is not an SWF file. The first 3 bytes are: "1$'" Swf file should start with FWS, CWS or ZWS. Where did you find it?
user But that is SWF file. That swf have a decopilers protection and hard obfuscation to prevent reverse engineering.
Hi, FFDec cannot open crypted or xored SWF files. The file you sent is not a valid SWF file. You cannot open it in flash player either. The file probably came from some kind of loader. It is crypted and only loader knows how to decrypt it. You can look into the loader how it works if you have it. I am sorry, but we can't help you more with this. Use other forums on the internet to get more info, thanks.
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