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#42 Showing flash opcodes in source code windows / edit window
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Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: Google CodeGUIP-code
State: closed Help

Hi, It will be nice feature to additionally see hexadecimal representation of compiled source code (customised - that user can choose to see it or not) one more time - awersome project! I have lot of fun to play with it! thank you ;)
Hi, I added this to version 1.4.2, try it :-).
Nice solution thanks! I want to donate a little bit to your project - but I want to stay anonym? Is that Possible? Thank you agian
Hi, yes, you can stay anonym. After paypal donation you should be redirected to page where you enter your name for the donation list - just leave the field empty.
Hi I just donate 15$. But it is not immedatelly shown on page (I mean there still stay only 10$) or it need time to refrsh content...
Hi, you probably didn't press the "Submit" button after redirection back to my page. I put the donation to the list manually myself now. Thank you very much!
State: →closed
Title: Showing flash opcodes in source code windows / edit window→Showing flash opcodes in source code windows / edit window
Type: →feature
Visibility: →Everybody