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#422 help me please
Author: user chat
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I do not know english. I used google translate for this translation. I could not attached file decompiler. Has failed as follows: Protected by secureSWF Demo Version. Can you send me the attached file Please make decompiler? thanks
Downloadana.swf (20 KiB)
Downloadana.rar (12 KiB)
ana.swf.fla gives an error when you open the file. Error: Protected by secureSWF Demo Version.
Try this ffdec_1.6.4u1 It takes about a minute to load
ffdec_1.6.4u1 installed. Unfortunately, the Buddha did not work.
.as file no problem. .fla file are incorrect. (Error: Protected by secureSWF Demo Version)
I do not know how to fix fla. sorry :)
We will take a look later. Please stay tuned.
Instead, you can decompiler main.swf
Downloadmain.swf (22 KiB)
What is the problem with main.swf? It seems fine after renaming the invalid identifiers.
Both files seems to decompile fine in current version. The file ana.swf needs Deobfuscation turned on. The file main.swf has invalid identifiers - these can be renamed on Tools tab (may damage swf).
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