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#428 Save as .pdf
Author: user tartas
Date created:
Type: feature
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Assigned to: admin JPEXS
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State: closed Help

Hi there, there are myriad of utilities to convert .pdf to .swf, but there are none to do the opposite (at least for swf's containing static elements: text, vectors, images). Is there any chance such a feature could be implemented in a future version - perhaps as a "save as .pdf" option? Regards, Dimi
+ save as .exe :)
Save as exe feature was implemented.
Thanks but seems that output exe it is bugged. Try it with lwt.swf from my private issue #442.
I tried it, and it seems to work. What is the problem? My generated exe file is 45580599 bytes.
Yes, I have the same size but the question was not how it works but how it looks
I don't really understand your problem, please try to resize the official "Flash player" window, you will get the same result. See attached image. Btw, i've fixed a resizing bug, so now the flash content will be realigned (to center) when you resize the window. Maybe I'll add a configuration setting where you can configure which scale mode you want. Now i'm using NoScale from this list: ScaleMode Integer value from range 0..10. Value is the same as Scale. 0 - ShowAll, 1 - NoBorder, 2 - ExtractFit, 3 - NoScale, 4- Low, 5 - AutoLow, 6 - AutoHight, 7 - Hight, 8 - Best, 9 - AutoMedium, 10 - Medium
Downloadflashplayer.png (1,187 KiB)
Adobe Flash shows correct scale (900x600) and FFDect Flash Player upscales it as you described above. I wanted that FFDec Flash Player produce exe for the "end user" with correct scale "from the box" without resizing manually.
Please try the latest nightly build. Now the window is resized automatically to the size of the embedded flash movie. You can configure the scalemode in the advanced settings, too.
Thanks again, now it's OK.
You're welcome. If you want to send this exe file to an "end user", then maybe you need some more settings, for example: - configurable window title, - configurable icon, - allow/deny resize the player window - show/hide border - start in fullscreen So the exe export can be improved in a lot of way later.
tartas: I have implemented frames to PDF export in latest nightly build. It is just conversion to Image and then creating PDF from it. I might implement better PDF conversion (texts, shapes), but it would be harder as gnujpdf library does not support Unicode fonts a so does PdfBox. I don't want to use iText for its stupid license. (It's incompatible with our GPLv3)
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Assigned:admin JPEXS
I am closing this. If the frames to image in PDF is not enough for you, you can create new issue.
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