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#440 What would it take to decompile attached file without errors
Author: user leancode
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Type: question
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Assigned to: developer honfika
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Dear, There are a couple of questions I have. I know of no better way than just to ask them. Thanks for your help in the nightly version to replace the images etc. That is working great. I am working on a fork on github ( of this "open source" payroll management system. But the original author does not give out the source for the flash. The latest nightly does a better job in decompiling it than previously but still comes up with fatal errors. My questions 1) Would it be possible to create a real FLA from this file? Its original basis is Flex but it does not matter. 2) If 1) is not possible would it be possible to change binary assets as well as images etc? There are some binary assets in it that are in fact just background images that I would like to be able to replace as well. Thank you so much for your amazing work! Sincerely, Dominic
Downloadui.swf (1,868 KiB)
2) Do you mean binaryData/DefineBinaryData tags?
Exactly right. Thats what I mean. These data tags are just binary blobs which are (in this case) just PNG images that I would like to swap out. Thanks for your help.
Replace binaryData feature was implemented. Please try the latest nightly version.
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Assigned:developer honfika
I tried it and it works like a charm. Just to note to anyone else who is looking to do this: The replace function is not a button on the right side of the screen but in the context (right-click) menu of the binary. Thanks again!
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