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#450 why jsyntaxpane causing so many build errors?
Author: user helmy
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Type: question
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i cloned the code in IntelliJ idea, and i'm getting 48 build errors when trying to build the project, they are all related to jsyntaxpane, errors like (cannot resolve symbol for CppLexer in /trunk/libsrc/jsyntaxpane/jsyntaxpane/src/main/java/jsyntaxpane/syntaxkits/CppSyntaxKit.ja va) how can i get it to build?
I don't know the answer, but why do you need to build the syntaxpane? Did you tried with netbeans?
Maybe IntelliJ tries to build it its own way. JSyntaxPane must be built using Maven (pom.xml) Netbeans can build it without problems, so throw away Idea and use NB.
i tried with Netbeans and it works right away, thanks what made me use IntelliJ first thing on this is because i noticed the .idea project folder in the trunk, the problem with IntelliJ idea was when importing the project it scanned all the folders and imported any sources including the libsrc folder, and when building it started to build everything, however in the Netbeans project only src is added in the java sources, so it is only building that
okay, I think it is solved, I am closing this.
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