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#455 Classic interface issues
Author: user helmy
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: GUI
State: closed Help

> What steps will reproduce the problem? open any swf file > What is the expected output? What do you see instead? Project tree collapses to a zero height and needs to be resized again with the mouse so it would become visible
Fixed. I know that there are a lot of classic intrerface releated problems (it was created today, and not well tested), please write them to this issue. I'll try to fix them, but it has lower priority.
the classic interface looks great so far, thanks again, i will be listing the issues i find here about the classic interface from now on, are you planning on adding a toolbar to the classic interface?
JPEXS? what do you think about classic interface? how should it look like? telling the truth, i created the classing interface only for you, and because it was not a big task I don't want to decide how the program should look like, because I'm not very good in developing/creating UIs (drawing icons, etc). I'm only a (even not Java) programmer, who hates "drawing" UIs:)
I don't think going back to classic UI is the right future for our decompiler. Adding a toolbar will lead to something ribbon-like and this is wasting time of developers. I think it would be better if we had other features improved, like more editation, assembly, deobfuscation, code navigation and so on. If you must have classic UI, then all ribbon functionality should be accessible via menu like in older versions of FFDec. (I think the code for main menu is commented out and is easy to reimplement)
well, i have plenty of free icons to use and i can create icons if that was needed! and i think the classic UI looks good as it is, it is just missing a tool-bar nothing fancy a static toolbar without customize dialog to add/remove buttons is fine, any tool bar with icons/text will do
JPEXS: the code of the main menu is not commented out since yesterday. It was moved to MainFrameClassicMenu. It is exaclty the Classic UI:), you can switch to it in advanced settings. It is working, but some features are missing (which was implemented only in ribbon, e.g recent files, lot of functions from tools menu) So it was very easy to "implement", I had to uncomment it only:) But I agree, the ribbon ui should be improved, the classic ui is only a fallback, if somebody has problem with the ribbon ui.
Title: Project tree collapses when opening an swf in the Classic interface →Classic interface issues
Please create new issue if you find any new problem in Classic interface.
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