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#462 Font embedding horizontal scrolling
Author: user megalol
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: FontsGUI
State: closed Help

Because now it cuted off (some characters is not visible).
Downloadembed.jpg (128 KiB)
Horizontal scrollbar wont help. Always the first 18-20 visible character is shown. Check the attachmed image. Maybe this limit can be increased, but i dont think that it is a good idea to show all the 18000 chinese characters.
Ok, maybe you can increase limit to 33 characters?
or to 50 chars because cyrillic starts not from АБВГ...
Btw it's needed for me to preview Source font chars (how they looks like). Maybe will be better to make a new feature issue to preview Source font with Windows font viewer?
Limit increased to 50 characters. Windows font viewer: the problem is that java fonts are not always font files in Windows system. Do you stick to Windows font viewer, or is it enough to open a java form with "The quick brown fox..." text in diffrent fontsize (as win in font viewer)?
"It is enough to open a java form with "The quick brown fox..." text in diffrent fontsize (as win in font viewer)". Should I create a new issue for this?
Yes, please. Can i close this issue?
Yes, thanks.
State: new→closed
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