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#496 French date format
Author: user gamuti
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Labels: Update system
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Yeah ! new official release is here ! woohoo !
Oops, Please, see png file to see a wrong date format for french users. The correct french format is : Day / Month / Year
DownloadNewMaj.png (17 KiB)
Is "30 janv. 2014" ok for you? It is the default date format in java for French locale.
Yes. That's right.
Fixed, but you can't test it:) You should wait the next official version. Now it uses the date format based on your locale. (30 janv. 2014), but you can configure it in For example if you want to see 30/01/2014, then you should set dd/MM/yyyy
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I'll close this due to inactivity. Feel free to create a new issue when you find any problem.
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