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#499 Cannot save via Proxy
Author: user mybottt
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Type: bug
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Start the proxy tool. capture the SWF file from firefox and double clik to edit. Now go in scripts folder & open some code(in my case its AS3 code). Edit in P-Code and click save. Its saved successfully. But I m not able to save the SWF file so that I can serve modified file because the Save button in the tool bar stays Disabled. :-( Version: 1.8.1u1 OS: windows 8 Firefox Version: 26.0
Title: →Cannot save via Proxy
I think it is normal. You can select only "save as".
No, this is not normal. This feature was in earlier releases. The file is saved to temp directory (replacements) and then is served via Proxy.
I used the older versions to play modified games. But in this version How can I serve modified version. I edit the code. Click the Save button in the P-Code area and its saved. Refresh in the browser and no effect there... In old version in addition to save the P-Code I always have had to click the big save button in the ribbon. which is disabled now.
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Thanks... I just found "replacements.cfg" on "C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\JPEXS\FFDec" which tells me the location of temp file that I should edit. Its good this way I will be able to edit and share the swf files with friends.
We will surely fix this. Stay tuned.
Fixed in the latest nightly build
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I'll close this due to inactivity. Feel free to create a new issue when you find any problem.
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