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#512 Backslash before quote on commandline arguments
Author: user megalol
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Type: question
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Assigned to: admin JPEXS
Labels: Commandline
State: closed Help

Why if I use java -jar ffdec.jar -export as "C:\decompiled\" myfile.swf from cmd examples I gets "Error: Bad command line argumets!"? I need working command to extract all image files from selected swf using cmd. And is it possible to extract with command line from .exe (Adobe Flash Projector) file .swf and if there are several .swf's to select which one?
Maybe stupid question: Did you use correct path to your SWF? I also get "Error: Bad command line argumets!" with "Input SWF file does not exist!" preceeding when executing this command. For exporting all images from file "C:\hello.swf" to directory "D:\output\", use this: java -jar ffdec.jar -export image "D:\output\" C:\hello.swf The export command is described in help, which is also on this webpages here: It is currently impossible to extract EXE / SWC / Binary files with command line. It may be added in the future if you want.
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Assigned:admin JPEXS
I've made a folder D:\output and placed file hello.swf to C:\ and after java -jar ffdec.jar -export image "D:\output\" C:\hello.swf gets the same error (using latest nightly) Yes, a support of EXE extraction using cmd will be nice.
Hmm, the quotes cause problem for some reason. I will investigate later. In meantime you can use it without quotes ("), but it may not work for folders/names with spaces. This way: java -jar ffdec.jar -export image D:\output\ C:\hello.swf
Yes, without quotes it works but as you said above without it's "not work for folders/names with spaces".
I got it! It is in the last quote :-). If you write "D:\output\" C:\hello.swf, the second quote has backslash before it and thus is escaped, java receives this as one parameter 'D:\output" C:\hello.swf' instead of two. Solution is not to add final backslash, e.g. java -jar ffdec.jar -export image "D:\output" C:\hello.swf Or you can use forward slash / as on Linux, this should work on Windows aswell. I don't think we should somehow change how our program parses parameters as this is how java runtime works (and maybe cmd.exe). Could we close this? If you want the SWF extraction from ZIP/SWC/binary/EXE files, please add it as separate issue, thanks.
Yes, close it. Thanks for explanation.
State: opened→closed
Title: command line→Backslash before quote on commandline arguments