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#536 Asset handling - modifying sprites
Author: user James
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Type: question
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Assigned to: developer honfika
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State: closed Help

Okay, I need to modify a DefineSprite, removing some undesired frames and shapes. There appears to be no option to edit the definition, nor to remove frames. Nor can it be exported. So how can I go about this? And why, when removing an asset, are all objects that reference it deleted, with no option to do otherwise? That rips out half the SWF before I can even see if it's working!
1: If you want to remove a shape from a sprite, you should not remove the shape tag. You should remove the PlaceObjectX tags. 2: With the latest nightly buld you can remove placeobject tags. Maybe in the future there will be a better solution to editing the timeline. 3: I think i've answered this in the 1st point. Remoing the shape removes the shape from the swf, so all tags which references it will be invalid, and will be removed. Is the new placeobject removing feature enough for you?
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Assigned:developer honfika
With the latest nighty build you can also remove frames.
With the latest build you can remove a shape without removing the tags which depends on it. (So now it removes the object from the timeline)
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