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#545 How to identify which fonts AS scripts is using
Author: user rendu2mai
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Type: question
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I have one more question. How to identify which fonts AS scripts is using? Which sentence use which font? Or is there a mark on font which is using in AS script?
I know in AS, textformat.font = "Arial"; is specify a font. And also embed it in fla. Any other method? How can I find it in P-code?
This is the only way you wrote to find the font type of the dynamically created text fields. You should check all the TextFormats, and sometimes it is not as easy as you wrote, because the font name can be variable, too.
Yes, then what about searching all the font name at pushstring in P-code? Or searching 'TextFormat'? What's your suggestion?
Why do you want to search it in the P-Code? Why searching in AS is not enough? (Ok, when there is a decompilation error, then it is not enough, but is there any other reason?) And it is not sure, that you will find the fontname, for examepl when you have somthing like this: function f1() { var fn = "Ar"; fn += "ial"; setFont(fn); } function setFont(f) { xxx.font = f; } Ok, probably you wont find this in a real situation, only when the code is obfuscated, but for example when the flash downloads this information from a service e.g in json format, you wont find the fontname in the source.
Ok, maybe I should tell it from my eye, to see which font it's using when playing SWF.
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