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#548 Can JPEXS show fully dis-assembled class files like rabcdasm does?
Author: user pmolson
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First of I'm new to JPEXS. I used version 1.7.2u2 on Win8. I downloaded and tried ver 2.0, but I'm still not getting the desired info :( I didn't know that JPEXS allows to export, view, and edit content from a dis-assembled swf file. So I was excited I could do that... I've exported the content, I found several ".as" files, but when I opened them using notepad++, I can't find information I usually find in rabcdasm. rabcdasm output file: jpexs output file: Is there a way (settings) to fully dis-assemble the files and al the info shown in the above output file for rabcdasm? Thank you in advance!
1st link shows the following: "This file is not available, because the upload was interrupted. You will not be able to download the file. Contact the owner if you need the file." Please upload them here.
Sorry, I should've checked :)
Current version of FFDec does not dissasseble full ABC structure like RAbcDasm. It only shows p-code of methods. If you want full disassembly, use RAbcDasm. We do not want to rip-off RAbcDasm totally, we just borrowed part of it's syntax to make editing traits more user friendly.
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