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Author: user ipb
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Assigned to: admin JPEXS
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When doing a 'Text search' the 'Cancel' button is shown after the current search path so it jumps around as the path length changes so is very hard to click to cancel a search Request: Is it possible 'ignore case' can be defaulted to checked instead of unchecked? Once search results are shown the 'Quick find' popup always seems to be in the way and I seem to be constantly moving it around or it disappears when you click something so you need to click next search result to bring it back up. Can the quick find for the results be added to the top toolbar instead of a popup? None of these are bugs but I use search a lot and these changes will make it much more user friendly Thanks for your consideration in advance
Quick find position was improved in latest nightly build. Also now instead panel Previous/Next script, there is dialog with list of all scripts.
Assigned:admin JPEXS
But I think first paragraph was not fixed: "When doing a 'Text search' the 'Cancel' button is shown after the current search path so it jumps around as the path length changes so is very hard to click to cancel a search" :). And why there is no new changelogs in https://code.google.com/p/asdec/source/list ?
Yes,I know there is more to do. That's why this issue is not in "upgraded state". There are no new changelogs on Google Code as we no longer use Google Code. We moved to GitHub. See source page. It is also written on the Google Code mainpage.
I have checked now with the new version, sorry I didn't check the nightly build because I have tried to compile a few previous versions with no success I think you have changed the wrong part, there was nothing wrong with the result left/right selection which changes the packages although the new list of results is handy but it is still ontop even if I switch to a different program (I switch between different apps sometimes when working on a project) It was the quick find popup which still gets in the way a little but now I can't move it, it is over some of the AS sometimes and disappears when you click anything which is the biggest annoyance, so trying to quick find and edit multiple results in the same package is really hard. There is a huge space on the top right of the tools tab, can you fix it there permanently? Thanks again for your support P.S. megalol above is not me, maybe he wants this fixed too
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