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#583 Conversion of FlashPaper SWF to PDF and/or ODT (libreoffice) documenr
Author: user Fonzy
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to: admin JPEXS
Labels: PDF
State: new Help

Hi JPEXS, It will be great to be able to convert a FlashPaper SWF to PDF and/or ODT (LibreOffice) document.
As we discussed via email, In latest nightly build, FlashPaper to PDF conversion is available via commandline. Here is part of your last email: ---- I've tried to run your nightly build but it take very long time (ok, not very a problem) and crash after 56 pages with a OOME (OutOfMemoryError). I've increased the memory allocated to the process but for large document (ex 128 pages) it stop with OOME also. For iText, it exist a LGPL fork available here: (cool, no ?) An alternative will be also to export document to ODT (LibreOffice Writer). Actually, only the test with a Zoom factor 5 is working for small documents (52 pages). But it's again a nightly build, so an alpha version and it will surely be optimized. ----
Assigned:admin JPEXS
The problem with memory is because I convert all pages to images first and then write it to PDF. Maybe I could write them continually... The iText... I still have an anypathy for it because what they did to the license. I like the gnujpdf library, because it uses Graphics2d to generate PDF, which is very intuitive for me. The only problem is lack of Font embedding / Utf-8 support. I took a look in the PDF documentation and also seen PHP class TCPDF which and maybe I can implement the font embedding somehow into gnujpdf. And for ODT format... I guess there exist some Java libraries for it. Does ODT support font embedding?
Memory problem: Please try latest nightly build. It should be better for large documents.
Ough ! Storing all images in memory will clearly result in a OOME ... I agree with you, it's best to write them continually. Again I agree with you about iText. But the link I give you is a fork, so, no more link to the developper of iText. Yes, LibreOffice support font embedding since ODT specification 1.0 (see: It exist very many API in java for ODT generation. Examples: - (LGPL) (See also JODConvert !) - (GPL) - (Apache licensed) Do you think it's possible to not put only a picture of the page, but well the objects like text, pictures, ... ? So, the resulting PDF or ODT will be full text searchable.
Oups, not seen your message from yesterday. I will try it now. I speak about ODT specification, but it's ODF specification, not ODT. And since specification 1.0 of ODF you can embed fonts in document.
Very sorry but the same problem occur. OutOfMemoryError :-( Did you already look at ODF (or DOC or RTF) conversion from FlashPaper in place of PDF ?
It's a lot work to do, I will take a look later. And currently, I am leaving for 14 day vacation, so you have to wait, sorry.
No problem ! If it's ok for you, I can implement it. But just to avoid browsing all the code, in which class did you create an image from the swf elements ? My work will be to create a ODF (or RTF) document containing all the elements of a page and not only a picture of the page. This way the document remain searchable and indexable. Is it ok for you ?
You didn't answer to my question, I suppose you're overbooked. Can I help ? I really need this fonctionnality (export to searchable pdf or LibreOffice format).
BitmapExporter class creates the image from a SHAPE object.