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#584 [commandLine] -export package
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Type: feature
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Assigned to: admin JPEXS
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Hello, Im trying to use commandLine into my C# app, works great. bur i think it miss's a functionality, -export "package name". You have implemented o export all scripts and export by class name. but the first case its too much and the class name is too little for what i would like to do. The export all takes around 35 min in my target swf. So i really apreciate this feature and i will be willing to donate again for it. Thanks in advanced. Sincerely, MaGiC
Hi, in version 2.1.1 you can add ".+" to the end of -selectas3class class name to export whole package or ".++" for whole package and subpackages. Example: java -jar -export script d:\decompiled d:\my.swf -selectas3class com.example.+ org.other.++ This will export all classes in com.example package and all classes in org.other and org.other.p1, org.other.p1.mysub, etc... You can also use "*" instead of "+", but I don't know how to properly escape it. (It has special meaning for bash / java.exe) Hope this will help :-)
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Assigned:admin JPEXS
Thank you very much JPEXS that was exactly what i was looking for. will test it today and ofc as i said im going to make a donation. Sincerely, Magic/cenadacoisa
Closed due to inactivity.
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-selectas3class parameter was REMOVED. Please use -selectclass instead. See --help for usage.