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#587 Please add Swf->XML, XML->Swf convertor
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to: developer honfika
Labels: XML
State: closed Help

Hi, There are a few tools that does xml convert but they all have memory or tag missing problems. This feature will allow everyone lowest access to swf tags allowing them to edit any value, add/remove tags. etc... Thanks
Hi, that's cool, but is it really necessary to create another XML converter? How about for example swfmill? I think it is working pretty well and it's free. If there are missing tags, then you can ask them to implement it in their issue tracker. I can implement it, but their solution has already many fixed bugs. If I start to implement it from beggining, surely many bugs arise and I will then fix them, it takes much time to make it really usable. I could improve their solution by push to their repository, but it's C code, which I am not familiar with. I am not really into it right now. I don't want to make copy (rip-off) of existing tools, especially when they are free. Maybe you can convince me somehow :-).
Implemented. Usage: Right click in the swf node in tag tree, select "Export SWF as XML" or "Import SWF XML" Import owerwrites the whole SWF, so you can import it to any existing SWF The xml schema is not final, it can be changed in further vresions of FFDec Please try/test it, and report if you find any problem. JPEXS: I'm using the same annotations you added earlier, so it was quite easy to implement it in this way.
State: new→upgraded
Assigned:developer honfika
Hello, I tried to "Export SWF>XML" (which generated a ~70MB XML file) and then immediately, without editing the XML file, to "Import XML>SWF". The resulting SWF was a bit corrupted, compared to its initial state, e.g. some of the shapes had disappeared etc. Is the process I performed supposed to work flawlessly (with the default JPEXS settings), or am I missing something? My goal was to edit some shape attributes (e.g. colors) in some of the SWF shapes. JPEXS v4.1.1 operating on a v17 SWF (Sign=ZWS; Compr=LZMA;GFX=no etc) Thanks, Aleo
Could you please attach the swf you have problem with?
File attached. Thanks!
Downloadfile.swf (455 KiB)
This should be fixed, please try the latest nightly build.
Works like a charm. I've been waiting for such a feature for a long time and now it's finally here and working! Thanks again JPEXS :)
Thanks should go to honfika :-), he did this whole feature.
I close this issue now, because there is no answer from adrianchiq since almost 2 months ago. adrianchiq: please create a new issue if you find any problem.
State: upgraded→closed