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#6 wrong code for uncertain function parameters
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: AS3DecompilationGoogle Code
State: closed Help

as source code fragment : public function test( ... rest ) : void { } compile to swf then decompile to as source public function test(, ... rest) : void { return; } something is wrong in methodinfo
i have found the bug exist in the following source code fragment in file .../asdec/abc/types/ if(flagNeed_rest()) { // if paramStr == "" // there shoud not have a ',' paramStr+=", ... "; if(!localRegNames.isEmpty()) { paramStr+=localRegNames.get(param_types.length+1); }else{ paramStr+="rest"; } }
if(params.length == 0 ) paramStr += "..." ; else paramStr += ", ...";
This issue was closed by revision c764b1e4f9f5.
Thank you very much for reporting. Problem fix is in the repository. You can try it yourself if you compile it.
State: →closed
Title: wrong code for uncertain function parameters→wrong code for uncertain function parameters
Type: →bug
Visibility: →Everybody