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#612 bgcolor and width & height
Author: user ipb
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to: developer honfika
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State: closed Help

I have found the RGB bgcolor in 'other' but is there a 6 digit hex number which all other tools and html use? Also width & height of the SWF? Are these already there, have I missed them?
You can easily convert the RGB values to "6 digit nex nunmver which allother tools and html use", because it is RGB, too in hex format #RRGGBB But if you really want to see the color in this format in ffdec, you can do the following: - Open others, select background color (as you wrote) - press Edit button - click on the color - click on the small color rectangle - in the popup select the RGB tag page, and there you can see the color code in the format you wanted SWF size: with the latest nightly build you can do the following: - in the top settigns menu enable the "dump view" - in the left tree find the displayRect node, open it - you can find here the Xmax and Ymax values. This size is in twips, 1px=20 twips
State: new→upgraded
Assigned:developer honfika
Thanks but the nightly build will not download... "Error: Old version (ffdec_2.1.1af42bb3_setup.exe) is not available for download anymore. You can download newest version or use Issue tracker to report bugs if you have problem."
sorry :-(. Try it now again.
Thanks that now works :) Would you consider adding these in a future version? The RGB method above works but would be much easier to display with the RGB value without the many extra mouse clicks Also the size explained above also works with the dump view but also takes some time especially when you have to convert between twips and pixels
Ok, we will consider your suggestions.
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Type: question→feature
Implemented in the latest nightly build. You can find the swf size in "header" node. You can configure the color format in advanced settings: Display/Hex color format
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Thanks, it's working fine :)
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