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#619 Interactivity support
Author: user psykauze
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: Flash Viewer
State: postponed Help

Dear devs, Some functionnalities of flash files is interactive, but for now FFDec internal viewer can only show frames one by one from start to end in loop, it doesn't wait for user's action like for a "Play" button. This made many issues for exporting or viewing experiences. Sincerely.
Please switch to the external viewer in the settings. I don't think, that the internal viewer will ever support all the user actions, because it needs an actionscript runtime, and the whole flash player should be implemented.
Yes, there's a lot to do. But I'm a linux user and the external flashplayer seems to be not implemented in your software. There is some opensource flashdecoder and flash player. Here a list: - Gnash, it is still supported and works fine for many flash files. Does not implement yet AS3. - Lightsparc, it is still supported and with the combination of Gnash, it implement AS3 support. - swfdec, a very old trick for manipulating swf files.
State: new→postponed