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#622 Mac homebrew package?
Author: user iggyvolz
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Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: InstallationMac
State: postponed Help

I thoroughly love this flash decompiler, I use it on third-party SWF's to detect possible loopholes in the software. I was wondering if I could make a homebrew package for ffdec. Homebrew is a free package manager for Macs, and to install ffdec one would simply type `brew install ffdec`. I've never worked directly with Homebrew before but it seems fairly simple to do.
We do not create packages for Mac, because we do not have Macs, and unfortunately there is no way to create package for Mac on Windows... Or is it? I don't know Homebrew, can we create Homebrew package on Windows? Via commandline? (/ant script)
Homebrew is basically a ruby script which serves as a package manager for OS X, and it's great. It can build from source (including dependencies) and uses make to do so. It uses github for package management, so it should all be fairly simple to set up. More info about creating your own package can be found here: You should be able to clone the repo, create your formula manually (without using brew create) and push the changes upstream again without using brew at all.
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