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#624 Actionscript search restrictions
Author: user redone
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: GUI
State: closed Help

Hello,this decompiler is awesome. I am decompiling a flash game named Knightmare Tower,it has some binary data that contains other swfs,but when I search the actionscript,it only does the search on the script section of the main swf,it does not search in the script section of those swf files (that ffdec finds in binary data). -Thanks.
Fixed in the latest nightly build. You should navigate to the inner swf then (when you can see "SWF Data" in ffdec titlebar) you can use the search tool. FFDec only finds in the selected (which is visible in the titlebar) swf.
State: new→upgraded
I'm going to close this issue due to inactivity. Feel free to create new issue if you find any new problem.
State: upgraded→closed
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