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#628 saved files bigger than original
Author: user tribalart
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Type: question
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Assigned to: developer honfika
Labels: LZMA
State: closed Help

hello, i use ffdec_2.1.0u2 (because earlier version wont let me save files/modifications for a unkown reason) when i open and 'save as' a .swf ,without any modifications, the saved version is bigger than the original. im totally new to this, and wonder, please, if there is anyway to kow why the saved is bigger or how to keep the same file size ?
Thats's normal, because your SWF is compressed. The uncompressed size is the same. Probably the used SevenZip uses a slightly diffrent compression algorithm. If you want to keep the original size, then do not save it again:) earlier version? do you mean newer versions? I fixed this bug, please try the latest nightly build.
Please try the latest nightly build. Now it should be the same by default. If you want even smaller files (but slower compression), then you can configure the "LZMA fast bytes" configuration settings in Advanced Settings/Other section Larger setting => smaller file, but slower compression
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Hello there, thank you for your answers, the saved file size is the same as the original with the latest nightly build. however, I'm still unable to save the changes made ​​in the Action Script Source window with versions ffdec_2.1.1 or more recent. i use Win7 sp1 32bit. i assume i should try on a clean install of windows.
please try again the latest nightly
its working fine now :)
Then I'll close this issue. Feel free to create new issue if you find any new bug.
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Assigned:developer honfika