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#64 Resolving registers for DefineFunction2 in AS 1/2
Author: user pepka
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: AS1/2Decompilation
State: closed Help

According to DefineFunction2 spec the flags define what is already preloaded to some registers. But Ffdec doesn't resolve them and the code looks like function init(Void) { register2.init(); if(register1.preset==undefined) { register1.boundingBox_mc._visible=false; register0=0; register1.boundingBox_mc._height=0; register1.boundingBox_mc._width=register0; } register1.useHandCursor=false; } whereas it is possible to be more precise and make it more meaningfull. "Next, the preloaded variables are copied into registers starting at 1, and in the order this, arguments, super, _root, _parent, and _global, skipping any that are not to be preloaded." DefineFunction2 "" 1 3 false false false true true false false true false 0 "Void" PreloadSuperFlag, SuppressArgumentsFlag and PreloadThisFlag are set to true. Thus it is quite clear that register1 is "this" and register2 is "super".
Hi, I know about this. This was already implemented a few versions ago before I updated the deobfuscation algorithm. You can download older version(1.4.2u1 should be OK) or wait till I release new version.
State: new→opened
Type: feature→bug
I have released second update - 1.4.3u2, it is fixed in it.
State: opened→upgraded
Yes, it is ok now. Thank you!
You're welcome
State: upgraded→closed