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#65 Text Export
Author: admin JPEXS
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Type: feature
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State: closed Help

From the guestbook by Swede: FFDec is the best program I've come across so far this year. You rock!!! I only wish you could use it to export all the text found inside a swf file. Something like "-export text c:\utf8.txt" would be excellent. By "text" I mean all hard-coded strings inside text fields (both of the classic type and the new TLF type). It should grab the strings for all text fields, even if they are read-only/selectable/editable (for TLF fields) or static/dynamic/input (for classic fields). In the text file all strings should just be dumped top-down with two empty rows in between them (\r\n\r\n). Could then include another commandline argument: "-delimiter __". It would make the two empty rows be replaced by __ in this example. "-export textinfo c:\utf8.txt" would also be neat. The text file would work like "-export text" but instead of the values of the input field it would print colon-seperated info about the text field like for example: 100,100::Arial,23:#000000FF,9,#FF0000FF,5,#000000FF,9 Now this string represents info for just one text field. It can be split into 4 parts (there are three colons). The first slot is the stage-global X and Y of the text field (or local if global is too hard). The second empty slot contains info on boldness/underline/italic etc. This field has none. The third slot has font info. From the beginning of the field there is Arial, which goes on for 23 characters. There is no further font info, so the field only has 23 characters, and all of them has Arial. The last slot has color info. All characters are in black, except for 5 that are in red color in the middle of the 23 characters. The last two characters in the color hex is the alpha of the color, which is att 100% (FF) in this example. Anyway, just a feature suggestion. The textinfo might be overkill but being able to easily extract the text of a flash file would be very neat! Thanks again for the great program!
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Text editing and export was added in version 1.5.1. It is not exactly what you wanted, the export format is different but should do the trick. Commandline option for text exporting will be added later.
State: opened→upgraded
Commandline option was added in version 1.5.1u1
State: upgraded→closed