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#650 replace binaryData from command line
Author: user loki
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to: developer honfika
Labels: CommandlineTags
State: closed Help

Trying to develop an add-on for Word Realms (commercial game, developers have OKed user add-ons), but the 50 MB SWF does not finish loading after ten minutes on the netbook I'm using. Command-line export works fine and reasonably fast. It'd be really nice to just be able to replace a single targeted binaryData somehow. More importantly, that would make automated installation of the add-on possible so that potential add-on users don't have to manually use the ffdec GUI to hack the game themselves.
Command line parameter added: ffdec.bat -replaceBinaryData in.swf out.swf 33 newbinary.dat where 33 is the characterid of the binary data tag you want to replace I don't think that we can help you to create automated installation fot Word Realms addon, you should ask it in a diffrent forum...
State: new→upgraded
Assigned:developer honfika
You can try it in the nighty build The parameters could be changed in the next stable build to more generic (replace other tags), but the functionality will be in that version, too.
Thanks honfika, it works very quickly this way even on my decrepit netbook! Re: automated install, I didn't mean to ask for help with the installation process beyond this change to ffdec :) I meant that now that I can make the needed changes from the command line, I can write an installation script, which will be much more welcoming to the non-hack-it-yourself type folks. Super!
State: upgraded→closed
Just small additional info: In newer versions/nightly builds, the parameter will be changed to "-replace" instead of "-replaceBinaryData". So be prepared to update your scripts :-).