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#669 AS3 P-code command-line replacement of static class variables
Author: user loki
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Type: question
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: CommandlineP-code
State: closed Help

In this AS code: package Word { ... public class Letter extends MovieClip { public function Letter(param1:Game, param2:String = "normal") { // method body id: 1679 ... } public static var points:Object = { "E":2, "T":2, ... } ... } ...I want to replace that "points" object, but it's not contained in a method that has an id number. I guess I can just replace the function and override the value there instead of changing it's initial definition, but I was wondering if there was a way to do it without duplicating the data. In the corresponding P-code as well, "points" is defined outside the method we have an id for.
Actually, in the case of my specific SWF, replacing the function and overriding the value causes the game's loading screen to hang part way through. So I guess that's not a viable workaround after all.
With the latest nightly you can see the methodids for the slots and innter functions, too
Works great! Thanks, I hadn't realized when that change took place. Oops.
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