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#671 DefineSprite.PlaceObject linebreak
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hey yall Im working on a big project of mine, and i've got an PlaceObject were i put a big text. Only i can't find you get spacing in that textfield. now all my text is on one line, and i want it to go to the next line after an amount of letters. Thanks for reading, and i hope you can help^^
PlaceObject tags have no text, maybe you should check the DefineText* and DefineEditTag tags.
can it be a DefineEditText (...)? i found now that that is where the text is defined. It looks like this now: [ xmin -40 ymin -40 xmax 8000 ymax 281 readonly 1 noselect 1 useoutlines 1 font 2 height 200 color #ffffffff align left leftmargin 0 rightmargin 10 indent 0 leading 40 ]1 It displays everything correctly only i want a line break so that large texts will fit on the screen. thanks :)
btw, if i put the xmax on a lower amount it just cuts the text off
i found it! :D needed to add wordwrap and multiline. thanks for ur attention^^
Ok, so can I close this issue?
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