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#684 SoundStreams not showing when inside DefineSprite
Author: user Dave_Word
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to: admin JPEXS
Labels: Sound
State: closed Help

Hi there I've decompiled a couple of .swf files that form part of an online course we have on our website, with the aim of updating the look and feel of it. There are a number of sound clips in the .swf files (.wav voice-overs) and you can hear these when running the .swf in JPEXS. However, these .wav files don't appear in the decompilation listing on the left of the page. They are referred to in individual frame listings ('place object abc123wav' etc), but don't appear as editable or removable items in their own right. I'm running JPEXS version 2.1.4 in Windows 7, and my version of Flash player is up to date. I've attached one of the files. Any ideas? Thanks and best wishes Dave
Downloadwordctr1.swf (2,249 KiB)
Hi, you can try newest nightly build, the sound files should be there now.
State: new→upgraded
Title: Sound files (.wav) not showing in decompilation listing→SoundStreams not showing when inside DefineSprite
Type: question→bug
Assigned:admin JPEXS
Thank you very much. I will download and try it. Will get back to you with result.
Thank you. The sound files are now displaying and can be deleted. Is it possible to have a 'replace' option so that you can replace .wav files in the same way you can replace images? There is no 'replace' option showing when I highlight a sound file at the moment.
These sounds are embeded as streams. This means they are divided to blocks. Each block is aligned to match 1 frame on SWFs framerate. I currently don't know a way how to split a wav file to match exactly the frames. This is why SoundStreamHead1/2 tags cannot be replaced. Maybe a wav file would not be problem, but for example MP3 file. I can decompress MP3. But to split it will require recompression I think. Please create new issue if you want me to try replace SoundStream1/2 tags. But I can't promise anything. You can replace sounds with FFDec if the sounds are in DefineSound tags.
Thanks very much. It seems to me that if we were able to edit the .wav files we'd have to resave them preserving the blocks they were made up of. Given that we'd probably be using something like Audacity, I doubt we'd be able to do that. Or we'd have to save a .wav that was in, say, three blocks, as three separate .wavs and syncronise them with the frames. Again, something that's a bit beyond us here. So thank you for investigating, and it will still be useful to be able to delete .wavs we no longer need. But I suspect it wouldn't be worth your time to do more on this, especially if no one else has the same issue. Thanks again. We will still be able to make great improvements to the look and feel of our course. An excellent product. Dave
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