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#7 static variables, complex expressions, const initialization
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Type: bug
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i have been coding to decompile swc and swf to as source code , thanks very much for your open source code , it's really a appreciate work , it work very well except some small flaw . i have corrected some bugs exist in the source code ( i would email to you if you accept it ) and i am trying to fix some bugs i have found , such as 1.visit static method add static variable eg: public class T { public static var i : int ; public static function fun() : void {} } T.i = ... 2.complex expression eg : var i : int ; var j : int ; j = ( i = i + ( i += i++ ) ) ; 3.const initialization public static const i : int = 8 ;
Hi, sorry for answering too late (It is one year). If you corrected some bugs (and still have the source on your drive), you can email it to me and I will look at it and maybe publish some changes in the next release. Thank you very much. 1. visit static method add static variable I don't see any problem here, could you be more specific? Assigning value to static attribute is OK I think. 2. In recently released version of ASDec (1.0.0), chained assignments support was added, I think the complex expression you provided seems to be ok now. 3. Value for static const/variable initialization is taken from static initializer when possible. Could you be more specific what is wrong with it?
Ad 1. I think I have found where the problem is. Try version 1.0.1, it should be fixed.
Hi, I made a change with const initialization in version 1.1.0, try it, it should work.
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Title: static variables, complex expressions, const initialization→static variables, complex expressions, const initialization
Type: →bug
Visibility: →Everybody