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#705 Actionscript-decompilation external
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Type: feature
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I think it would be nice if there is the option to use to decompile the code. If it's checked the application send the swf to this page and shows the code afterwards. Therefore no more problems with deobfuscation for you.
Yes, there already is the option. Just launch your webbrowser and go to "". Upload your file there. I don't think users of FFDec would like to write Captcha image each time. Look, we are programming our own flash decompiler. Why would anyone think we will just throw away our AS decompilation algorithms and use some external proprietary decompilers? If you think ShowMyCode is better, then you can use it. You can also use Sothink or Thrillix if they give you better results. ActionScriptViewer is good in deobfuscation I think. Maybe ShowMyCode uses one of these decompilers on background, nobody knows. Maybe they even use FFDec... I also don't like that the SWF files are uploaded to an external site. We don't know what ShowMyCode does with the SWFfiles. We just can't trust it. Sorry.
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