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#715 Force Save help
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Assigned to: admin JPEXS
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Need to make an edit to an .swf. When I save it warns me that there is an error in the code, even though I know it's correct. Is there any way to bypass the errors and allow me to edit the actionscript file?
The actionscript is not stored as a text in the SWF file, so it is not possible to force the saving. FFDec should compile it, if there is a compilation error (where the bug is in the compiler), it can't save your script.
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When I go to save, I get "Error: Not a type on line" but the type is }. I also get "Error: Namespace not defined" which on that line is "mx_internal var"
Then it is bug in our ActionScript compiler. Please send us the SWF file. We will investigate and try to fix it. If you do not want to publish the file, then tell us, I will make this issue private.
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Assigned:admin JPEXS
Try version 4.0.4, it could be better.
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I close this issue due to inactivity. Please create issue if you find any problem.
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