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#72 first ternary operator expression is always true
Author: user removs
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: AS3Decompilation
State: closed Help

Decompiling a ternary operator always gives true as first operation. Ex. code: getlocal_1 getlex m[8]"int" istypelate iffalse ofs003f getlocal_0 getlocal_1 getlex m[8]"int" astypelate callproperty m[717]"-.getVisualIndex" 1 convert_i jump ofs0041 ofs003f:pushbyte 0 ofs0041:convert_i setlocal 4 the decompiled code is: _loc4_=param1 is int?true:0; instead of: _loc_4 = param1 is int ? (this.getVisualIndex(param1 as int)) : (0); version 1.4.3u2 on win XP
State: new→opened
version 1.5.0 was released. This bug should be fixed. Let me know so I can close the issue.
State: opened→upgraded
It's fixed in 1.5.0 thanks!
State: upgraded→closed