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#755 Decompilation TimeOut Feature
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Type: feature
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This feature closes Issue #729 ( adobe-utils-dateutil-as), so read this with attention. It would be really nice if we had an option where we could change reading lines per sec. in decompiler, wich is really good to avoid computer crashes or JPEXS hang. For example: 100 lines per sec as default. (I know, i know, might be a little slow, but atleast slow than crash) But remember, it's an option, we can change to 1000... etc. (Remember to add ALL option, to read all lines per sec. like current one) Thanks, realmaster42
What lines do you mean?
lines of code. (change def. to all, but at 1000.00+ lines of code scripts it recomments 1000 lines per sec.)
It is not possible to decompile only 100 lines of code... only the whole script (or method in AS3) can be decompiled.
Because PCode=>AS decompilation if not a linear thing. It is not decompiled line by line... Do you have the file which contains the mentioned Could you please attach it?
okay, then just put invalid and ill be happy.
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