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#758 Allow zooming to bigger than the preview area
Author: developer honfika
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: Flash ViewerGUI
State: closed Help

Currently when the user presses the zoom to fit icon (with internal viewer), then FFDec calculates a zoom value which makes the current image/shape/frame to fill the preview area. When the user selects another image/shape/... the zoom will be the previously set value, which is not the "zoom to fit" value for the new image (When the original size is diffrent). This causes, that sometimes the image is extremly large, the rendering is slow (when the first image was very small, the 2nd image is large) I'd like to modify this behaviour to use dynamic zoom to fit. Please comment here if somebody is against this change.
Another problem about zoom : when I push ZOOM+ in the rendering, then pictures, video, etc. are more larger than the window. But, there is no translater. Is it possible to add translater for a move of the rendering window ?
translater? you mean show only part of the image, +scrollbar?
OUPS ! yes, scrollbar ! I am sorry but, I don't speak english so easy as you. Vertically scrollbar and horizontaly scrollbar. both.
JPEXS: I've implemented the dynamic zoom mode, but the Swing UI "hacking" (gamuti's request) is waiting for you:) Maybe it is simple, just a scrollpane or something like that.
Title: Zoom to fit should be dynamic→Allow zooming to bigger than the preview area
Nope. Zoom is functionning correctly but it's impossible to move the rendering... Scrollpane ? maybe... scrollbar ? I think it's the best solution. Then, I want to know your definition of "dynamic zoom".
My definition for dynamic zoom is: When you select zoom to fit, it should dynamically modify the zoom value to fit the screen always when you change the selected shape/frame/iamge/.... For example when Shape1 is 10x10 pixel, Shape2 is 20x20 pixel, and you select Shape1, and press "Zoom to fit" => FFDec sets the zoom value to e.g 1000% Now when you select Shape2 => FFDec sets the zoom value to 500% But it is already implemented in the nightly build.
+1 :)
I allowed zooming bigger, but I decided not to put scrollbars there, but make it draggable instead, the same style asi original flash player. I tried standard scrollbars but there was problem with centering and I guess its better this way. Try nightly 1224 or later.
State: new→upgraded
Very good, thank you.
State: upgraded→closed