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#770 Possible Incorrect Code?
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I keep running into this situation: Pcode: ; Generate assignment statements: pushfalse ; 26 pushtrue ; d6 setlocal_2 ; _loc2_=true ; 10 08 00 00 jump ofs000f ; Unconditional branch ... ; d7 ofs000f:setlocal_3 ; _loc3_=false ... ; Dead code A: ; d3 getlocal_3 ; Push _loc3_ on stack ; 11 64 00 00 iftrue ofs0093 ; False, so branch not taken. Also should pop, right? ... ; Dead code B: ; d2 ; Push _loc2_ on stack getlocal_2 ; 2a ; Do it again. dup ; 11 03 00 00 iftrue ofs003e ; True, branch taken. Again, should pop off stack. ... ; 12 06 00 00 ofs003e:iffalse ofs0048 ; True, branch not taken. Again, should pop off stack. AS code: // Assignment statements: var _loc2_:* = true; var _loc3_:* = false; ... // Dead code A: _loc3_; ... // Dead code B: _loc2_; _loc2_; Shouldn't no code be generated at all?
Probably your file is obfucated. Obfuscators usually adds similar codes. If it runs in flashplayer, then it is not incorrect.
I close this issue due to inactivity. If you have new questions, feel free to create a new issue.
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