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#779 AS Variable name not being lost
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: AS1/2AS3
State: new Help

I am wondering... Is it possible to make a storeDataVariables ListArray (of any kinds, ints, bytes, strings...) when JPEXs loads a swf, when we open a script it adds all variables of it's names and values like Array-Inside-Array ({Name, Value}), and it instead of: var _loc1_ = "OMG STUPID LOCS"; show as: var omgThatLocs = "OMG STUPID LOCS"; and when we close the script, auto clears the storeDataVariables ListArray, so it works correctly for everything. I hope you guys get working to this feature, because, would be really cool, that we could see true variables names. :) (Oh... and also, this way knows, im sure about it, just make a test of this feature.) (and if scared of losing data, copy jpexs source code u have in ur PC and try on the test file. C: )
(Oh.. and also, this way works*
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