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#781 AS3 Direct editation bug
Author: user pdmit
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to: admin JPEXS
Labels: AS3Direct Editation
State: closed Help

Hi! JPEXS is super! But I have a problem with editing Action Script file (without changes too) :-/ Program show info "IDENTIFIER expected but PARENT_CLOSE found at line 250. That line seems fine: _loc1_ = _loc1_ + ("<font color=\'#" + (VarsParser.toBoolean(_loc4_[_loc5_].@changed) == true?_loc3_:_loc2_) + "\'>"); when I make small change: _loc1_ = _loc1_ + ("<font color=\'#" + (VarsParser.toBoolean(_loc4_.@changed) == true?_loc4_:_loc3_) + "\'>"); It Saves. Full private function: private function setLineInfo() : void { var _loc1_:String = null; var _loc4_:XMLList = null; var _loc2_:String =; var _loc3_:String = this.config_xml.line.stop.changed.@rightColor; _loc4_ = this.line_xml.line.stop; var _loc5_:uint = 0; while(_loc5_ < _loc4_.length()) { _loc1_ = _loc1_ + ("<font color=\'#" + (VarsParser.toBoolean(_loc4_[_loc5_].@changed) == true?_loc3_:_loc2_) + "\'>"); if(_loc5_ < _loc4_.length() - 1) { _loc1_ = _loc1_ + ("<font color=\'#" + _loc2_ + "\'>" + " - </font>"); } _loc5_++; } this.line_stop_xml_loader.load(true); } and that is Parser class: public class VarsParser extends Object { public function VarsParser() { super(); } public static function toBoolean(param1:String) : Boolean { if(param1.toLowerCase() == "true" || param1 == "1") { return true; } return false; } } }
This is a bug.
Title: Is that a bug or I do something bad?→AS3 Direct editation bug
Type: question→bug
Hmm, how can I save AS3 file without checking that line?
You can try to use pcode editation if you want to change only a small thing. (On the right side) AS direct editation is experimental, and sometimes not working.
Hi, try it please with latest nightly build. If it still does not work, then please send us sample SWF file, thanks.
Assigned:admin JPEXS
State: new→upgraded
It was fixed more than 1 month ago, I close this issue due to inactivity. Please create new issue if the problem still exists.
State: upgraded→closed