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#784 Is it possible to disable spash screen at program start?
Author: user megalol
Date created:
Type: question
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: GUI
State: closed Help

I've like FFDEC but don't like spash screens especially there was no spash screen in old versions :D. Please make it availible to disable it in advanced options and change question to feature request if possible :).
Start the program with the bat file. Splash screen comes from the exe file, in the java application (with any configuration setting) I can't hide it.
The splashscreen is there for a reason. It's not only "Display some image for 5 seconds to anoy users". The java needs to be initialized, configuration loaded, GUI initialized,... That's what the program do during showing splash screen. If we do not show the splashscreen... then you will still wait that much time but without any notification about program starting. Then some questions like "Is that program really running? Did I clicked the shortcut properly?" will raise surely in your head.
Ok, thanks for explanation. But it interesting how spash screen can tell me that everything goes right? Maybe better to make a loading bar on it with described above actions (java initialization and etc). Oh, nevermind, you may close this if you want :).
The problem is that the launcher executable (which shows the splach screen) is not our application, it is generated with Launch4j, and I can't see any possibility to add a progressbar. JPEXS: Can we close this issue or do you have any idea to improve the spash screen?
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