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#795 The issue with the width of font chars which I want to import.
Author: user krovin
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Thanks for very good software. I have a big issue with the editing of fonts directly in .swf file. I need add cyrilice chars -> it works but the result is not 100%. I have very thin chars and after importing I have very big space between chars (c h a r s). It looks as that the import does not respect the original space for each char. For each char is approximately defined the space 680 nbit. If is possible change this value so it will be very sufficient solution for my goal. I was trying find it int setting but I was not successful... :-( Thanks for your time and sorry of my english!
You can change the character widths manually with raw editing feature. The character width in flash is called "Advance" (ok, it is not the width, but you need this value) You can edit it in the following way: Right click on the font tag, select raw edit. Press edit button, open fontAdvanceTable You can see an integer value for each chatacter, you can modiy the widths here. Then press save.
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Thank You very much. It works. After receiving the payment for project I will send some donate. Děkuji ;-)
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