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#809 Move left, right buttons for DefineTexts using translatex parameter
Author: user megalol
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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State: closed Help

Since there are new panel in nighly 392 I have some suggestions what can be added there. First of all it will be useful such a feature to move all text in DefineText left or right with buttons without editing translatex manually (especially when there are no such a parameter and I should add it by myself). But if possible it should move text by pixels because I actually doesn't understand in what values it counts (but I'm sure that not in plain pixels) so it's hard to calculate needed translatex parameter (even with "Show old text during text editing" because it usually cuts off) at first time. For example if 1*pixel=100*translatex and if button "move text left" was pressed then translatex = translatex - 100.
The coordinates in SWF are in twips (twentieths of a pixel), so 1 pixel is 20 twips. I've added the buttons in the latest nightly build.
State: new→upgraded
Thanks a lot. If possible please make it possible this behavior: if I holds translatex button it autogrow (more I press faster it grows).
Is it possible to make it work with auto xmax/xmin feature, because when I'm editing translatex manually it works.
What do you mean? TranslateX is independent from auto xmin/xmax, so it should work every time.
I mean that "auto xmin/xmax" doesn't work with translate buttons. Please test it. Try to move any text far left or right and you wiil see that xmin/xmax is not changing. Then try do the same by editing translatex parameter in Parameters window.
Ok, please try the latest nightly build
Thanks, now it works fine.
"if I holds translatex button it autogrow" implemneted. please try the latest nightly build
Thanks again, it works!
Then I close this issue, because everything was implemented. Create a new issueif you have a new request.
State: upgraded→closed