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#819 Documentation for FFDEC
Author: user yogicxl
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Is there a documentation/roadmap for the decompiler? If not, how do I get started with understanding the code?
There is no documentation, but you can ask me, maybe I can help you.
Yes, there is no documentation. We rather invest our expensive time to implement new features or fix bugs, sorry :-(. There are few JavaDoc comments in the code. Some function/class names are less intuitive, we know... There are only two of us who actually write most of the code, we have also regular jobs during week so that's why. For user documentation, there are few sections on our webpage (See Features in menu)
Is there any paper or book that helped inspire the main decompilation architecture and techniques of the code (converting to control-flow-graph, then translating to GraphTarget representation, ...)? There seem to be quite some interesting concepts behind the code.