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#822 warn (in log) for possible (Define)text cut off option
Author: user megalol
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
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Labels: Text
State: closed Help

I want that FFDec will read "Display rect" info from header and if it's lower that current xmax in edited DefineText it will warn user in log message. Also this should work for text import (actually for that I've created this feature because when I'm editing some DefineText by hands I can watch for xmax value by myself).
Of course it should work only if auto xmax feature enabled.
It is not possble to compare the displayrect of the SWF with the widths of the texts, because there are (can be) transormation matrixes for each character tags, when you put it to a frame. So for example it is possible, that the text is 10000 twips wide, the SWF is 8000, but when the text it rendered it will be only 50% of the swf width... Also in the another direction: text is 200 twips, swf is 1000, but if there is a transformation matrix soewhere in the object tree with 10x scaling your text will be cutted off. It is the same problem as I mentioned earlier when you wanted very similar features.
Thanks for explanation but as title says it will warn about "possible" situation because in my case (all games that I translated) 18000 twips in game = 18000 twips in FFDec so there were no scaling.
By maybe anyway my idea is bad becuse texts very rare starts from left border of a screen...
If there are no better ways to fix my problem then close this issue plz :).
State: new→closed