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#829 newbie question, SWF preview and wmode
Author: user tribal
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Type: question
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hello, i use a swf file (a flash game..) who need to be embedded with wmode = "direct" to work in web browser. this same swf work fine in flashplayer 16 standalone. but when i try to launch this file in JPEXS with SWF preview, i got this error, related to wmode : "Context3D not available! Possible reasons: wrong wmode or missing device support." i just wonder please, if there is anything i can do to launch this file in preview with the right wmode setting ?
Launch it with Adobe Flash Player 16 standalone :p
realmaster42: hey, don't be rude to other users! tribal: is the wmode crucial for the SWF display? You check the wmode in the actionscript? JPEXS is not so good in previewing SWF files, so realmaster42 has still good point - try it in official player standalone.