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#83 Transparent image broken after save modified swf file
Author: user hungpq
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Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
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State: closed Help

After change in AS code, save the file. The image that has transparent property broken.
I havent noticed this issue for me. All transparency images still have transparency when I have changed the code. Maybe there is an issue on your side?
What kind of image tags are these? Please navigate to "images" node of the left tree and tell me names of tags which transparency is broken. It should be one of DefineBits,DefineBitsJPEG2,DefineBitsJPEG3,DefineBitsJPEG4,DefineBitsLossless,DefineBitsLo ssless2. Or do you mean "_alpha" property? Please be more specific.
I have successfully reproduced the bug. Will be fixed in next release.
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Hi, version 1.5.1u1 was released. Try it, it should work.
State: opened→upgraded
Is it working for you, hungpq ?
user great! Thanks
State: upgraded→closed