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#86 Open file dialog should accept filenames in quotes
Author: developer honfika
Date created:
Type: feature
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to:
Labels: GUI
State: closed Help

Hi, Windows open file dialogs usually accepts the filename when it is inside quotes, and there is a space character at the end of the name. For example (between | characters): |"C:\ffdec\test file.txt" | You can try with notepad (or Word, or with any native or .NET windows program), it opens the file. Maybe it is a feature of the standard windows openfiledialog. Is it possible to accept this format with your dialog, too?
The reason is why it would be great is the following: Total commander copies it in this format with Ctrl-Shift-Enter, Alt-F8, Ctrl-X Far manager copies it with Ctrl-F, Ctrl-Insert
State: new→opened
Version 1.5.2 was released. Try it. It should work now.
State: opened→upgraded
Perfect, thanks:)
You're welcome
State: upgraded→closed