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#899 Show script after AS3 Direct editation
Author: admin JPEXS
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to: developer honfika
Labels: AS3Direct EditationGUI
State: closed Help

> What steps will reproduce the problem? Open AS3 SWF, for example that one in #884, class Main, press Edit in direct editation, insert space somewhere (to save button to be available), press Edit button > What is the expected output? What do you see instead? I expect the script to be displayed after saving. Instead the empty page is displayed and NullPointerException in the log appears. > What version of the product are you using? On what operating system? Nightly 578, It worked in couple of previous versions. > Please provide any additional information below. Attach the file you have problem with if neccessary. If you do not want to publish files YOU CAN CHANGE VISIBILITY TO PRIVATE
State: new→opened
Assigned:developer honfika
this should be fixed in repository
State: opened→upgraded
May I close this?:)
Yes, works, thanks!
State: upgraded→closed