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#900 way of deobfuscation
Author: user galok
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Type: question
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Labels: Deobfuscation
State: closed Help

In a news you telling that deobfuscation is no longer develop because it's hard to do and everything, okay, i believe it really is. The question is how i can solve this problem for myself? i have in mind to read code of your decompiler and manage pure action script byte code by myself, it would be like assembler in IDA, right? Or is it possible to manage deobfuscation without reading sources of decompiler? i have quite few ideas how decompiler is working and which problems can cause an obfuscation, so it would be helpful if JPEXS developers give me an advice or suggestion about my future actions if i want deobfuscate an swf file.
I think we did a lot of work with deobfuscation since 2015, now it behaves pretty well. I am closing this.
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