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#901 A lot of space after adding/replacing characters in fonts
Author: user Solomon
Date created:
Type: bug
Visibility: Everybody
Assigned to: admin JPEXS
Labels: FontsGFX
State: closed Help

Hey, people. I have the next problem. When i adding or replacing characters in fonts inside .gfx file, they are corrupted by a lot of space after them. For example, if i want to add "А" character - it will be "A " character with too many spaces after it. I'm using the last 5.3.0 version of JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler. My OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64. I need to replace 8 characters in each of 4 fonts inside file. So first i extracted that fonts and repainted that 8 characters. That was russian characters (Ё, ё, Ы, ы, Э, э Ъ, ъ), but now this is ukrainian characters (Ґ, ґ, І, і, Є, є, Ї, ї), so they must be replaced as russians. One interesting thing - no matter whith fonts characters i will add or replace (Times New Roman, for example) - they all will be with too many spaces after them. The same bug showing up even if you just extract fonts. Original .gfx file, modified with font issue .gfx file and fonts with ukrainian letters. Screen with that bug. You can see that on last symbol of last word. I replaced next symbols (Ё, ё, Ы, ы, Э, э Ъ, ъ) in 4 fonts. Please, help me to resolve that pronlem. This is too important for me.
When you select the texts node in tag tree FFDec shows the spaces in the original file, too. Are you sure thant it is ok? Is it possible to reproduce the problem with ffdec or adobe flash player?
I hope that just a coincidence. That problem can be visible only in game or if you using extracted font in Windows. I can add any character from any fonts, but they all gonna be with free space after them. I hope that can be fixed.
Did you try this? Sorry, but i not really want to install GTA, so I can't help you if it is not reproducible with ffdec:(
I can take a look, maybe it is problem with advance values which are 20 times bigger or something like this...
Assigned:admin JPEXS
Hm... Maybe, i know, how to do it right. Tell me one more think please. What exacly butoon "Set Advanced values" does? honfika, tnx for video. That dude on video used "Set Advanced values" button, so i think that can help.
JPEXS: 20 times bigger would be better, because it would be a font divisor problem. But it is only 4-5 times bigger. Solomon: each character has a width, it is called "advance". First you have to select a fron in from the dropdown, then when you press the set advance values button, ffdec will update all the character advance values in the current font tag with the calculated values from the selected system font.
Wow! That's exacly what i needed! Thank you! I will check it now...
Its working! Thank you all! You are the best :)
Adding the files here so the issue tracker does not depend on external site.
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